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Wind Business Overview
Wind energy is the most attractive clean and fuel-free solution to the world’s energy challenges. Indigenous and enough wind blows across the globe to cope with the ever increasing electricity demand. It is the fastest growing & most economical and mature renewable energy resource with more than 50 countries all over the world, supplying more than 100 GW as total installed capacity, forecasted to provide 30% of the world’s electricity by 2030.
Powered by the expected growing demand for wind power in Egypt & MEA region, SWEG is our business unit that is responsible for the wind energy activity.

SWEG in brief

SWEG (Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation) is a newly born company 100% owned by Elsewedy group responsible for the fastest growing wind energy activity.
SWEG will manufacture and supply the main wind energy components; wind turbines, wind towers and rotor blades.

The industrial compound includes:
Wind turbines assembly factory
Wind towers production factory
Rotor blades production factory

SWEG will fully assemble wind turbines in Egypt with the same standards and quality levels of M-torres facility in Spain. Additionally, SWEG will totally manufacture the towers and blades through its production facility in Egypt.


Take responsibility of our energy resources and the environment we live in through availing and exploiting the power of wind as a clean energy source wherever we are present


Help our customers fully realize their future wind energy potential…today! We will grow to lead the way for rapid wind power development locally and regionally

Work Scope

Manufacturing, supplying, operating & servicing of wind turbines and all its related parts and main components,

Product Range
Wind Turbine Generators Division
Towers Division
Blades Division
Wind Farm Development Division
Operation & Maintenance Division
Balance of Plant Division


Head office
Plot no. 27, 1st District, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo – Egypt

Contact Us

Tel (Office):+(202) 27599700/1
Fax:+(202) 27599758
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