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United Wires has joined the market of galvanized steel wires, since 2006 with the mission of providing the electrical cables' manufacturers with the best quality galvanized steel wires for electrical cables armoring and providing the steel cores for overhead conductors' reinforcement.
This is achieved over a production facility of 35000 m2, using the most advanced technology, fully automated control systems and the qualified workforce of 350 employees.


To be Number One Choice of our customers


United Wires produces high quality steel wires and overhead conductors to support and satisfy our local and global customers through a trained professional team work using the latest production technology
Our Values
Credibility& competitiveness are our success way.
Our employees are the main assets.
Clean and safe work environment.
Support & develop the local production.
Customers & suppliers are our success partners

Quality Policy

Our Quality Control procedures starts with raw material, manufacturing and packaging processes using a serial of high technology on-line instruments followed by laboratory tests according to the International Standards.


Mechanical Tests

Elongation and Tensile stress tests: Zinc Coated Steel Wires are tested for elongation and for tensile strength.
Torsion Test: the most important mechanical test to ensure that the mechanical characteristics are affirmed by numbers of turns.

Zinc Tests

 Diameter Checks: which guarantee that the wires are correctly rounded and within specified diameters tolerance.Zinc Coating: to ensure that the Zinc Coating over wires surface is smooth, continuous and of thickness according to International Standards, or as per customer requirements.
Zinc Adhesion: to ensure adhesive Zinc Coating layers over wires surface.

Electrical Test

DC Resistant Test is according to International Standards, or as per customer requirements.

Raw Materials
To ensure the high quality of the finished products; which is the main concern of the
United Wires, we strictly apply inspection procedures for raw materials coming from the most reputable national and international suppliers, according to the International Standards:


Low Carbon Grade AISI (1006, 1008, 1010)
High Carbon Grade AISI (1045, 1060, 1070)


 Special High Grade Zinc of purity 99.995% according to ASTM B6.

Product Range
Low Carbon Galvanized Steel Wires

High Carbon Galvanized Steel Wires

Product Application

Our products are used in:
Armoring Cables.
Steel Core for A.C.S.R "In Overhead Power Transmission"


Factory: Industrial city A3, 10th Of Ramadan City, Egypt

Contact Us

Tel (Office):+ (2015) 411944
Fax:+ (2015) 411941
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