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United Metals has taken the initiative and installed 125,000 MT per year. Continuous cast and rolled copper rod plant in collaboration with Southwire, USA, this is the largest plant through the Middle East and North Africa. With the globalization of world economy only the best companies will survive to meet. United Metals has adopted an aggressive approach towards their mission


To become the leader producer of copper wire rods in the Middle East and Africa


To provide products and services of high quality and value that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers

Quality Policy

Our Name Must Represent Quality To Our Vendors, Ourselves, And Our Customers.
Continuous Improvement Is Our Target.

ASTM – B49- 1998

The plant operates continuously & is largely automated. Melting, casting, rolling & other steps in the production process are monitored automatically using computerized control. All important parameters are continuously tested to provide quality product.

The following tests below ensure the rod produced is of consistently high quality:

Oxygen test: This determines the oxygen content in copper. An oxygen determinator (Leco Instrument) gives the amount of oxygen present in copper in ppm

Chemical composition test: Analysis for chemical composition of both the cathode and final product is done using instrument.

Surface oxide measurement: Electrolytic removal of the surface oxide is used to determine the type and thickness of the oxide scale

PH measurement: To ensue nonacid corrosion free soluble oil using Ph meters

Gas analysis: Solutions used in soluble oil pickling solution are analyzed for alcohol content using a chromotography instrument

Conductivity: Precision instrument measures the conductivity of copper

Twist test: The rod is twisted back and forth ten times each and is then visually inspected

Elongation & Tensile test: The rod is tested for elongation at fracture and for tensile strength

Diameter checks: These guarantee that the rod are correctly round and of the required diameter

Product Range
Copper Rods


The factory is located in 10th of Ramadan City, 60 km east of Cairo with expressways linking it to the major Mediterranean and Red Sea ports.
The Head Office is in Plot no. 27, 1st District, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Cairo – Egypt.

Contact Us

Tel (Office):+ (202) 27599700/1
Fax:+ (202) 27599746
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