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Iskraemeco is among the leading world companies in metering products, systems and services, acquired by Elsewedy Cables in June 2008.
Since the founding in 1945 the company has been known for technical innovation. Six decades of success and growth have been marked by numerous milestones. We are proud of the fact that all the devices and systems are based on our own knowledge and numerous patents.
Quality, reliability and flexibility are the features that satisfy the needs of our customers in the field of measuring, billing, collecting, processing, control and managing electricity.
In Iskraemeco we offer complete solutions for electricity metering and billing, for both residential and industrial applications.


To become the preferred global supplier of solutions for energy management


We make efficient energy use easy

Quality Policy

The quality of our products is based on our total business management system determined in the ISO 9000:2000 standards.
It unites systems ranging from quality management, approach to the environment, and quality of laboratories to financial management, law, safety and health at work as well as security of assets and data. The total business management system is based on a process model of constant improvements which enables us to increase efficiency and the satisfaction of customers, employees and owners.

Teamwork and Improvement Management System
We are striving in constantly improving customers’ level of satisfaction. ISO9001:2000 integrates customers’ requirements in all of the company’s processes – from design to delivery. Teamwork on all levels of the company is the basis on which we improve competitiveness, the quality of products, processes and services and thus increase efficiency and the satisfaction of our customers, employees and owners.

Quality Based on the Needs of our Customers
The design, development and marketing of the metering devices take place in co-operation with our customers and partners. A deep knowledge of metering and application of the latest technology guarantee that the devices work efficiently and reliably individually and as part of a system.

Quality of Products Based on Own Accredited Laboratories
Investments made in modernization of Iskraemeco testing and metrology laboratories with aim to stay one step ahead of technological advances in a constantly changing market are to develop a state-of-the-art technology which incorporates our customers’ future standards and needs.

Quality Recognized from our Customers
The quality of our business, which is reflected in the quality of our products and systems, is also recognized by our customers and measuring institutions in many countries. National institutions in Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden and the Benelux countries have already authorized us for initial verification of products.

Environmental Policy

Our manufacturing is run to exacting standards for occupational health and safety, and environmental management. ISO 14001 is proof of our good environmental practices. Since obtaining a certificate in 1999, we have constantly supplemented and improved our approach to the environment from all aspects, in order to satisfy our customers' demands and to be more competitive on the world market.

Our Staff

The building blocks of our expertise understand the customer’s business, a professional and enthusiastic staff, innovative and high quality products and systems and sound international experience.

Global Presence

With our products and services we are present in almost 100 countries worldwide. In addition to the parent company in Kranj, Iskraemeco Group have further several production and trade companies. The network of our partnership companies is worldwide. Each customer fit solution needs a specific relationship for satisfaction of its need

Product Range
Information about the consumption we provide are the value for all energy market players: regulators, energy suppliers, utilities and consumers. Our products meet the requirements of applicable international standards and legislation.

Automatic meter management (AMM) Systems
AMM Systems for residential users
AMM Meters: Electronic meters for AMM systems ( single and 3 phase meters, and switching devices)
AMM concentrators and Communications

Iskramatic SEP2W
Programs for reading and parameter setting

Data recorders and communicators
Recorders and communicators for industrial users

Production, transmission, distribution
Precision meters
Measuring cabinets

Industrial and commercial
Electronic meters for industrial users (3 phase meters)
Electromechanical meters for industrial users ( 3 phase meters)

Residential meters
Electronic meters for Residential users (Single and 3 phase meters)
Prepayment meters for Residential users (Single and 3 phase meters)
Electromechanical meters for Residential users (Single and 3 phase meters)


Iskraemeco, d.d.
Savska loka 4
4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Contact Us

Tel (Office):+(202) 27599700/1
Fax:+(202) 27599749
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