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Iskra AMESI, d.o.o

Iskra Automation, Measurement and Energy Systems is a new acquisition by Elsewedy Cables, specialized in the production of meter testing equipments -established in 1991 by Iskra Kibernetika -podjetje Inženiring.
The skilled workers are the wealth of Iskra AMESI. The mix of experiences and youth assures effective results


Development and production of automated meter test equipment, equipping of Iskraemeco and Joint ventures on global market
The meter test equipment is intended for fulfilling the requests of producers as well as utility laboratories


Development, projecting and manufacturing of testing equipment and automated equipment for production plants and servicing laboratories (for electricity meters) on the field of measuring, registering and controlling of energy.

Our Markets

Our main customer is: Iskraemeco
Electrical Industry - meters producers
Laboratories (utilities)

Sales and marketing on global market, will be executed by Iskraemeco, wherever the Iskraemeco representatives and agents are present, on other markets hired agents would do the job.

Product Range
Automation program
Assembly Line counter pole
Assembly calibration test-line
Automatic screwdriver

Meter Testing and Production Equipments
Power Sources
EPS5-3 Three-Phase Electronic Power Source
EPS20-3 Three-Phase Electronic Power Source
EPS80-3 Three-Phase Electronic Power Source

Iskramatic cats

Reference Meters

Meter Test Benches
Static Test rack
Test tunnel for 20 meters
Test tunnel for 40 meters

Components of measuring systems
Error meter
Scanning head FG
Quick acting connector
Hand held terminal (with SW)
Additional display unit
Multi Secondary Voltage Transformer
Isolated current Transformers

Software Cats

Special Equipment
High voltage tester
Meter starting device


Iskra AMESI d. o. o.
Savska loka 4
SI-4000 Kranj

Contact Us

Tel (Office):+386 (0) 42064265
Fax:+386 (0) 42022611
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