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Elsewedy Cables Algeria

Elsewedy Cables Algeria is the first in the group to be specialized in the French Standards products, and to fit the Algerian and French speaking countries markets.
Allowing Elsewedy Cables Algeria to enjoy high market share and premium price for its products.
The Company also focuses on filling the gap between the demand and local manufacturing, with high quality products and compatible prices. All the products are promoted under the name of "Elsewedy Cables Algeria"

Quality Policy

Elsewedy Cables with its long and vast experience in the market place acquiring International Products certification will transfer all those approvals to the plant at the early stage of plant operation. That will definitely enhance the sales and marketing position of the plant against competition.
The following are some of the leading laboratories' certification acquired by Elsewedy Cables:

KEMA of the Netherlands.
SGS of Belgium.
BVQI of France.
UL of USA.
BASEC of the UK.

The products at Elsewedy Cables Algeria are produced according to:
IEC specifications: “International Electro technical Commission”
NF specifications: “Normes Française

Our Markets

Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Energy (Transmission Lines, Sub Stations and Electrical Distribution Networks).
Oil & Gas and petrochemical Industries.
Indoor electrical applications (Domestics)

Product Range
Low voltage cables (0.6/1 KV)

Indoor and Building Wires (450/750 V).

Special Cables

Overhead Transmission Lines up to 500 KV

Raw Materials Used
Cables are manufactured from Copper & Aluminum as conductors, and insulated with PVC or XLPE. Cables could be armored with steel wires or tapes or with Aluminum wires or tapes and other materials depending on the application and customer requirements. Accordingly Cables are tailored products that include a wide range of sizes and construction


Elsewedy Cables Algeria (Power Cables) 153 Rue Ali Khodja, El biar , Algerie

Contact Us

Elsewedy Cables Algeria

Tel (Office):+21321924005/07
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