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Elsewedy Electric is turning from just a cables manufacturing company to a fully integrated energy solutions provider
[15 Oct 2009]

Elsewedy Electric is turning from just a cables manufacturing company to a fully integrated energy solutions provider

 Elsewedy Electric is now announcing the launch of four new divisions in the group that will be playing a turning point for Elsewedy Electric to be become a fully integrated energy solution provider. Elsewedy Electric acquired last year Iskraemeco Energy Measurement and Management of Slovenia, the leading provider of reliable, innovative and flexible metering and billing solutions, in addition to launching the new advanced manufacturing lines under the name of Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation.
These key moves, along with the introduction of Elsewedy Dry and Power Type Transformers, will help Elsewedy Electric; continue to be a leading industrial technology provider in the region and internationally by also integrating its products and services to penetrate the Telecom markets under the name of “ComCore”.
“Elsewedy Electric has always made decisions that would position us on the cutting edge of the energy and industrial sectors,” said Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, Board Member of Elsewedy Electric . “We believe that these strategic decisions will contribute to our philosophy that innovation and growth will help us serve customers across all sectors,” he added.

  Iskraemeco is a European industry leader in Automated Meter Management solutions, as its positioned third company in Europe and fifth company Worldwide with 100 Million € Turnover.Iskraemeco has made significant investments in Egypt including a comprises of three – million – meter production facility at 10th of Ramadan City for producing electronic meters, electromechanical meters and system meters, which will start production in the beginning of 2009.“

“We are pleased to join forces with a global leader such as Iskraemeco and we plan to take Elsewedy Electric extensive experience into new, fast-growing markets,” said Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy.

Elsewedy Electric opened a new factory for the production of fiber optic cables, the most sophisticated cabling technology in the world. Fiber optic cables provide the fastest speeds available for the transmission of data.Fiber optic cables are implemented as a best of breed technology and therefore represent the future of telecom products, consumer network services, signal transmission, Internet provision, as well as audio/video, access and fire response systems. This product line will fall under a new division of  Elsewedy Electric named “Comcore.”“The premium products and services of Elsewedy Comcore guarantee that our customers only receive the most beneficial outcomes for their businesses,” said Eng. Roland Knoch, Manufacturing Director of Comcore. Comcore will produce cables with that reach as many as 432 fibers, one of the only such production facilities in the region. The factory will have a capacity of 20,000km per year by the end of the first quarter of 2009 and will eventually double that output once construction is complete.

Following its commitment to premium products and services, Elsewedy Electric has dedicated efforts to providing transformers for many of the upcoming industrial projects in the country, including Dry and Power Type Transformers.

  “Elsewedy Transformers division has established a factory for providing several types of transformers to many important sectors, the first of its kind in the region,” said Eng. Assem El Fakharany, Elsewedy Transformers Regional Sales Director. Elsewedy Transformers product range includes both Dry and Power Type Transformers, as the Dry Type ratings up to 10 MVA with voltage up to 36 KV. The Power includes small power that rates from 5 MVA up to 40 MVA with voltage up to 66 KV and large power transformers that rates up to 200 MVA with voltage up to 220KV. “Elsewedy transformers are the perfect solution for just about any type of project, from large buildings and complexes to airports and offshore locations, in addition to wind energy farms that will help support the newly born company Elsewedy for Wind Energy Generation (SWEG)” he added.

SWEG is a newly established company that is 100% owned by Elsewedy Electric that operates in the wind tribune components production and wind farms implementation. SWEG’s industrial compound includes: wind turbines assembly factory with 240 MW production capacities, wind towers production factory that reaches 300 wind tower and rotor blades production factory where it produces 300 set. SWEG is expecting to double the capacities of its three factories within 5 years as per the company's business plan. The surplus capacity of the towers and blades factory will be exported to Africa, Middle East and Europe.  To start up any activity in Egypt it almost requires EUR120 Million total investment.

 “Through our engagement in improving the environment we have seen a very viable business opportunity, which keeps us in line with the pioneers in technology,” he concluded.

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