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Entrepreneur Society – AUC

ES – AUC is a student organized society that was founded in 2003 in an attempt to tackle the attitude of students’ hesitation to start new businesses

ES aims at developing their participants through several means, which emphasizes on general skill and awareness enhancement programs. In doing so they carry out a series of lectures and trainings in different skills and talents, aiming at enhancing entrepreneurial skills. The core events are the Business Plan Competition, The Entrepreneurship Convention, along with various awareness campaigns, a newspaper, a soccer league, and a student development

Elsewedy Electric is sponsoring The Entrepreneurship Convention which is a localized focus on what it takes to start an own business

It involves a wide variety of specialized workshops which are:

SBS (Small Business Simulation)
GMW (Gureilla Marketing Warefare)
PIS (Production Innovation Simulation)
IC (Intrapreneurship Convention)

The convention allows its participants to explore the essence of what an entrepreneur is through learning sessions, discussion, and developing new ideas.


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