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Downtime can be very disruptive and cause heavy losses in non tolerating communication era
For many applications, availability is a must and one of the key requirements for the host-level protocol .The network must be fault tolerant up and running even in the presence of a fault. This is extremely critical at the host level since the entire site is operated and supervised over this network

Our substantial history in the design and implementation of communication networks for harsh electrical and climatic environments, allow us to offer solutions using products which have been hardened for use in substation environments and comply with high temperature conditions

Our Offerings
Project Management
Engineering & Design
Equipment Testing & Integration
Installation & Commissioning
Product & Field Training
Warranty, Support and Repair
Field Maintenance & Support Agreements

Added Value

We offer products which are specifically suited for harsh environmental conditions and have developed a competency in building robust, secure and reliable communication networks which meet the stringent requirements associated with these industries.
Our Systems Integration facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo are used to assemble, configure and test systems and solutions as well as provide the facilities to host integrated factory acceptance testing (IFAT) of various equipment prior to installation in the field


Optical and Microwave transmission multiplexers including SDH, IP Transport, OTN, Multiservice IP/MPLS, Digital Microwave Radio.
Access Equipment including voice and data Interfaces.
Voice & Data Systems including Corporate Voice Network, Corporate LAN/WAN, Video Conferencing.
Outdoor & Indoor Cabling including Fiber and Copper Structured Cabling.
Security Solutions including CCTV, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Access Control.
Safety Solutions including Public Addressing/General Alarm (PA/GA), Analog/Digital Radio (UHF/VHF/Marine).
Site Infrastructure including Racks/Cabinets/Shelters, Cables and Cable Management Systems

People & Business

Oil and Gas, Power Utilities

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