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Wind Energy Generation


Wind energy is the most attractive clean and fuel-free solution to the world’s energy challenges. Indigenous and enough wind blows across the globe to cope with the ever increasing electricity demand. It is the fastest growing & most economical and mature renewable energy resource with more than 50 countries all over the world, supplying more than 100 GW as total installed capacity, forecasted to provide 30% of the world’s electricity by 2030.

Powered by the expected growing demand for wind power in Egypt & MEA region, SWEG is our business unit that is responsible for the wind energy activity

Our Offerings
Operation and Maintenance of wind turbines and all its related parts

Operation and Maintenance of the balance of plant activities

Energy generation, Development of wind farms and sales of electricity to third parties

Wind farm construction, operation and maintenance activities

Project Management

Project financing assistance

Added Value

We’re integrating and utilizing all capacities within Elsewedy Group to provide specialized, complete and full service to the wind energy markets using our diversified portfolio of products:

1 Wind turbines with Mtorres forefront technology
2 Wind towers with SIAG steel industry experts
3 Rotor blades
4 MV power cables
5 LV power cables
6 Fiber optic cables
7 Joints, terminations and accessories for all types of cables
8 Overhead transmission lines
distribution transformers (oil & dry type)
10 MV/LV prefabricated substations
11 Ring main unit
12 MV switchgear
13 LV switchgear
14 Earthing systems
15 Measuring devices


1.65 MWWind Turbines
Wind Towers
34 /37.5 /40.3 m Rotor Blades

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