Power Distribution

Elsewedy Electric manages every aspect of power distribution, from design, engineering, procurement, and construction to testing and commissioning. Since 2010 we have delivered 20,000 km of the network to Egypt, Ghana, Algeria, Mozambique, Zambia, and Equatorial Guinea.  

  • Design, supply, install, test, and commissioning
  • Complete power networks using underground cables
  • Street lighting
  • Electrical supply to telephone and security systems
  • MV switchgear with all auxiliaries and civil works

23,000 KM

Distribution Network




Electrical works for Al Niaba Al Ama, Egypt 

Client: National Company for General Contracting & Supplies 

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical works including: 

  • Kiosks
  • LV distribution boards
  • Lighting equipment
  • Cables
  • Communication networks
  • CCTV
  • Earthing systems

Supply of distribution materials, Ethiopia 

Client: Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation-EEPCo

Supply of:

  • Distribution transformers 33kV and 15kV three phase network.
  • Medium and low voltage 33kV and 15kV switch gear
  • AAAC conductor & ABC cables
  • Overhead line accessories
  • Insulators 33kV and 15kV
  • Hardwares


Supply and installation of material for transmission line from Nyankora-Nasho, Rwanda 

Client: Electrogaz

Supply & installation on turkey basis of: 

  • 33kV medium voltage OHTL with a total length of 40kms
  • 11kV low voltage OHTL with a total length of 8kms
  • 6 x 200KVA transformers
  • 40 kms OPGW connection

MV & LV Network

Client: National Company for Electricity

Location: Sudan (2005-2008)

  • MV & LV Networks for North Governorate
  • MV & LV Networks for River Nile Governorate
  • MV & LV Networks (Khartoum Bhri-Omdurman)
  • Low Voltage Network extension for Northern State
  • Low Voltage Network extension for River Nile Governorate

Total Projects’ Quantities:

  • 52,823 Concrete poles of 11 ft. height & 136,661 concrete poles of 9 ft. height
  • 2,890 Transformers (100 & 200kVA) & 76 Transformers of 1000kVA
  • 16,000km of Aluminum wire of size 1*185, 1*95 and 1*70 mm2
  • 2,606 kms wires Aluminum Cable 1*120, 1*95
  • 19km of MV underground cables 3*70 & 173km Underground cables of size 3*185mm2
  • 3,500kms of wire ABC Cables 4*70mm2
  • 5x 33/11kV Substation

Network Expansion and Service Connections in Matola Region, Maputo Province Project

Client: EDM

Location: Mozambique

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis the following:

  • 33kV OHTL with total length 33km
  • 415 V ABC low voltage network with total length 48km
  • 36 distribution transformers
  • 1350 street lighting
  • 14260 service connections

Project for Electrification EVINA-YONG city P-28-2010 Project

Client: Ministry of Mining

Location: Equatorial Guinea


Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis the following:


  • Supply and Install 1020 Street lighting steel poles 8m
  • Supply and Install 14 Kiosks 400 & 630kVA
  • Supply and Install 12km Medium voltage cable 3*150mm2
  • Supply and Install 151 Low Voltage Panels.
  • Supply and Install 120km Underground Low Voltage cables
  • Supply and Install 2200 three- and single-phase prepaid Meters
  • Supply and install two Generators 1000kVA with all required civil works and spare parts

ECG/ELSW/01/08 P-24-08

Client: ECG

Location: Ghana

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis the following:

  • Construction of 50km,2x40 MVA,33kV Overhead lines
  • Darkuman33/11kV Indoor Substation
  • Gbawe Adjaman33/11kV Outdoor Substation

Upgrading of Distribution Management System and Introducing of Advanced Meter

Client: EETC

Location: Egypt

Partnership Between Elsewedy Electric T&D and Toyota Tsusho

  • Rehabilitation of existing Distribution management system (DMS) in NCEDC
  • Introducing Advanced mete infrastructure in NCEDC
  • Upgrading communication systems