Electrification  & Lighting

Smart lighting  

The latest advances in digital technology can bring huge benefits to the community, from improved safety to greater reliability.They also help you to reduce energy consumption, capital costs, maintenance and impact on the environment. 


  • Use the cloud to control street lights  
  • Get real time data on lighting status and parameters 
  • Use the base station for processing and data handling  
  • Collect information on your main server for real-time monitoring and management 


Solar lighting  

Solar street lightproduce zero carbon emissions and have minimal running costs. They can be sited in almost any locationrequire little wiring and are immune from power outages. We can provide a suite of solar solutions, including photo voltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) energy plants. 


Electrification of 6 towns, Equatorial Guinea

Client: Ministry of Mining, Industry & Energy 

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission of: 


  • 800 steel poles of 9m height & 1,020 street lighting poles of 8m height
  • 32 kiosks 400KVA & 630KVA
  • 34kms of MV cable 3*1*150mm2 & 12kms of 3*150mm2 size
  • 140kms of underground LV cables of various sizes
  • 35kms ABC cable 3*70+1*54.6mm2
  • 3,100 three & single phase meters
  • Two generators 1000KVA with all required civil works & spare parts

Rural electrification in Yemen

Client: General Authority for Rural Electricity (GARE) & Rural Energy Access Project (REAP) 

Supply and installation of the following on a turnkey basis: 


  • 378kms of 11KV AAC OHTL conductor
  • 263 nos. 11/0.415KV distribution transformer
  • 2412kms of XLPE cable
  • 29,767 service connections
  • 5MVA, 33/11KV outdoor substation

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