Electrical Substations

We provide end-to-end solutions for every variety of substation up to 500 kV. We take care of GIS and AIS equipment supply, installation, testing and commissioning. We can also provide system studies, substation automation, control and protection, telecommunications and all auxiliary services. 


We are the leading optical ground wires manufacturer in the Middle East. We produce HV & EHV cables up to 500 kV and offer integrated solutions for power transmission, power generation, substations and infrastructure. We can make any design with stainless steel or aluminum coated stainless steel tube (center or lateral) for OHTL of 66 kV, 132 kV, 220 kV, 400 kV or 500 kV. 

Laying methods 

  • Nose/end pulling 
  • Continuous end pulling 
  • Motorized rollers 
  • Caterpillar machines - cable pushers 
  • Manual 

Off-line and live-line installations 

Live-line installation of OPGW is essential when the power line cannot be shut down, for example, to keep a communication link between substations. Live lines will radically improve the communication infrastructure. We can: 

  • Replace ground wires with an OPGW to provide signal exchange and broadband communication
  • Extend and upgrade an existing OPGW below the top of the tower
  • Repair a defective OPGW

Testing & commissioning  

We carry out testing and commissioning for LV, MV and HV substations and the mobile power station balance plant. All our operation and maintenance personnel are fully trained for test and startup activities. 

Scope of work

  • 500 kV, 220 kV, 66 kV HV switch gears
  • GIS, AIS insulation
  • Power transformers
  • SAS system
  • Substation RTU
  • Telecommunications

New Capital Substation SS1, Egypt – the largest substation in 30 years

Client: EETC

Duration: Fast-track project of 12 months, including 3 months T&C

This project to power the new capital involved engineering, manufacture, testing, delivery, civil works, construction, testing and commissioning.


  • S1 500/220/66/22 kV substation
  • 3 x GIS HV switchgears
  • 103 panels of protection & control systems
  • 4 million safe working hours

S1 500/220/66/22 kV GIS substation for the armed forces, Egypt 


Client: Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces 

Engineering, design, fabrication, factory testing, site delivery, loading, unloading, civil works, installing, testing, commissioning, training, insurance (until handover) & warranty.


Engineering, Supply, Construction, Installation, Commissioning, Testing & Warranty of 8 x 500 and 220 kV GIS Substations, Egypt


Client: Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co. 


  • Etay El Baroud, West Maghagha, Kafr El Zayat ext, Wadi El Natroun, East Assuit, East Banha, Samanoud , Abu El Matamir


Construction of two 60/30 kV substations, Algeria 



Design, engineering, supply, construction, installation, testing & commissioning of 60/30 kV, 2 x 40 MVA substations at Tamda & Mila. 


MRGF-1 Project, Ethiopia 


Client: Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation 

Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 11 substations.


  • Melkawakana 230/132kV
  • Melkawakana Yougoslav 230/132/33kV & 132/66/15kV
  • Ramo 230/132/33kV
  • Gode 230/132/33kV
  • Gefersa 230/132kV, upgrading, 4x125MVA
  • Khaliti 230/132kV, upgrading, 3x125MVA
  • GIS mobile substation 230/132kV
  • Harrar 132/33/15kV
  • Fik 132/33/15kV
  • Shakiso 132/33/15kV
  • Finote Selam 66/33kV


ECG/ELSW/01/08 P-24-08, Ghana


Client: Electricity company of Ghana Ltd. 

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis.


  • Gbawe Ajaman substation, with cable works
  • 50 kms of 2x40 MVA, 33 kV overhead line
  • Darkuman 33/11 KV indoor substation
  • Gbawe Adjaman 33/11 kV outdoor substation

Supply improvement To Western Region, Ghana

Client: GRIDCO

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis.


  • 161 kV transmission line from Asawinso to Mim through Juabeso 170km
  • Construction of a new 161 kV Substation at Juabeso
  • Extension of existing 161 kV substation at Asawinso


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