Overhead Transmission Lines

We offer end-to-end EPC solutions for transmission lines with a wide range of configurations and voltages up to 500 kV.

We comply with all international and client standards and are supported by a network of leading global and local manufacturers.

Our standards 

  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • DIN - German Standard Institute
  • VDE - Association of German Electrical Engineers 
  • BS - British Standards
  • EN - European Standards
  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  • NEC - National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) 
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers 
  • NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • ICEA - Insulated Cable Engineers Association
  • INETA - International Electrical Testing Association
  • ANSI - American National Standard Institute

358 kms 500 kV Overhead Transmission Lines, Egypt

Client: Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co.

Duration: 14 months

This prestige project was fully designed by our in-house engineering team and included the design of the Nile crossing towers and the construction of the tallest transmission tower in the MENA region.


  • 358 kms of cables
  • 2140 m3 of reinforced concrete
  • 255 tons of reinforced steel bars
  • DC QUAD conductors 
  • 413,280 safe working hours

Construction of OHTL and UG cables for interconnection of Qatif-2 11s/13.5 kV SIS, Line-2, Saudi Arabia 

Client: National Grid, Saudi Arabia

Construction, installation, testing and commissioning of OHTL & underground cable circuits for the interconnection of Qatif-2, Line 2, 115/13.8KV substation 


  • Engineering, design, procurement and supply of all equipment & material

Construction of 132 kV OHTL from Lusaka South Multl-Facility Economic Zone to Chawama and from Chawama to Chilanga, Zambia

Client: ZESCO Limited 

Design, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning


  • 18 Km, 132kV double circuit monopole line with OPGW to Chawama Substation.
  • 5 Km, 132kV single circuit line with conductor and OPGW from Chawama to Chilanga substation. 


  • Decommission existing 10 kms of 33kV lines from Chilanga to Chawama substation

Beni Suef, Nile Crossing Tower

Client: EETC

Location: Egypt


  • In house design of Nile Crossing Towers
  • Type test and approval od Nile crossing towers
  • 500 KV OHTL
  • Total of 358km

Kuriemat 500KV

Client: EETC

Location: Egypt


  • 500KV OHTL DC triple conductor as turnkey project
  • 150km

Overhead Transmission Line for Main Substation Boubyan (Z), 400KV

Client: MEW

Location: Kuwait


  • EPC works of two (2) new 400kV double circuit three phase overhead transmission line from existing line (tapping of 400kV Double Circuit (D.C) Overhead Transmission line (OHTL) between existing SubbiyaPower Station and existing Sabah Elahmad“4Z” substation) to proposed Mubarak AlKabeerPort “Z” 400/132/11kV substation
  • 96km

Ethiopia MRGF-2 Supply Projects

Client: EEP

Location: Ethiopia


  • Supply and deliver complete transmission line including conductors, wires, steel towers, insulators, fittings, OPGW & shield wires for:
  • 230kVMEIKAWAKENA-RAMO Transmission Line
  • 230kVRAMO-GODE Transmission Line Materials
  • 132KV power transmission Harar-fIG

Ghana, Supply Improvement

Client: GRIDCO

Location: Ghana


  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis for:
  • 161 kV transmission line from ASAWINSO to MIM THROUGH JUABESO 170km
  • Construction of a new 161/34.5KV substation at Juabeso, MIM & Sunyani
  • Extension of existing 161/34.5KV substation at Asawinso

Zambia, Procurement of 132KV

Client: ZESCO

Location: Zambia


  • Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing & Commissioning on turnkey basis for the following:
  • Construct 18 Km, 132kV double circuit line from LS MFEZ to Chawama Substation
  • Construct 7.5 Km, 132kV single circuit line from Chawamato Chilanga Substation.
  • Decommission existing 33kV lines from Chilangato Chawama Substation (Approx. 10 Km)

Projet D'électrification Rurale De La Zone De L'aftout Elchargui


Location: Mauritania


  • Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing & Commissioning on turnkey basis for the following:
  • Construction of the 90 kV OHTL, extension of the 90 kV substation of Sélibabiand the construction of a new 90/33 kV substation east of the town of Mbout
  • Construction of 33 kV lines, substations, 33/15 kV interconnection, 33 / 0.4 kV substations and associated low-voltage networks in the surrounding localities
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