Overhead Transmission Lines

We offer end-to-end EPC solutions for transmission lines with a wide range of configurations and voltages up to 500 kV. We comply with all international and client standards and are supported by a network of leading global and local manufacturers.

Our standards 

  • IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission
  • DIN - German Standard Institute
  • VDE - Association of German Electrical Engineers 
  • BS - British Standards
  • EN - European Standards
  • NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
  • NEC - National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) 
  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers 
  • NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • ICEA - Insulated Cable Engineers Association
  • INETA - International Electrical Testing Association
  • ANSI - American National Standard Institute

358 kms 500 kV Overhead Transmission Lines, Egypt

Client: Egyptian Electricity Transmission Co.

Duration: 14 months

This prestige project was fully designed by our in-house engineering team and included the design of the Nile crossing towers and the construction of the tallest transmission tower in the MENA region.


  • 358 kms of cables
  • 2140 m3 of reinforced concrete
  • 255 tons of reinforced steel bars
  • DC QUAD conductors 
  • 413,280 safe working hours

Construction of OHTL and UG cables for interconnection of Qatif-2 11s/13.5 kV SIS, Line-2, Saudi Arabia 

Client: National Grid, Saudi Arabia

Construction, installation, testing and commissioning of OHTL & underground cable circuits for the interconnection of Qatif-2, Line 2, 115/13.8KV substation 


  • Engineering, design, procurement and supply of all equipment & material

Construction of 132 kV OHTL from Lusaka South Multl-Facility Economic Zone to Chawama and from Chawama to Chilanga, Zambia

Client: ZESCO Limited 

Design, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning


  • 18 Km, 132kV double circuit monopole line with OPGW to Chawama Substation.
  • 5 Km, 132kV single circuit line with conductor and OPGW from Chawama to Chilanga substation. 


  • Decommission existing 10 kms of 33kV lines from Chilanga to Chawama substation
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