Roads & Bridges

Infrastructure is the cornerstone of a country’s social and economic development. We are proud of our contribution to infrastructure development in Egypt, which includes many of the country’s most important bridges and tunnels.


Scope of work

  • Foundation works
  • Trenches for cables
  • Administration buildings
  • Substation control buildings 


Mahala Bridge, Egypt 

Date: 2015

Client: Egyptian Armed Forces

Duration: 6 months

Construction of a 950m x 12m bridge in a congested, high-traffic neighborhood

New Cairo Capital Bridge, Egypt 

Date: 2015

Client: GOE

Duration: 9 months

Construction of 105m x 75m Bridge for the new capital of Egypt

Nagaa Hammadi Barrage, Egypt

Date: 2004 - 2006

Client: Vinci-Bilfinger Berger and OCI JV

Duration: 24 months

Subcontractor on one of the largest water infrastructure projects of the Egyptian government

Our scope included civil works for 100,000 m3 of concrete

Bordj Bou Arreridj-Setif Autoroute, Algeria

Date:2007 -2010

Client: Consortium Japonais Pour l'Autoroute Algérienne (COJAAL)

Duration: 36 months

Construction of 46 bridges and 8 culverts in the harsh landscape of Setif, Algeria

Cairo-Alexandria road bridges, Egypt

Date: 2016-2017

Construction of 4 crossing bridges at Cairo-Alexandria Road, one of the biggest transportation projects in Egypt.

Shobra Banha Highway

The Shobra - Banha free highway fully operated by the ITS that offers Traffic Management System TMS represented in gantries and poles with full control along the road and, in addition to the smart Tolling Collection System TCS in the Toll Plaza which offers the easiest payment methods for the road users and reduces the traffic congestion in the Plaza.

The Traffic Management System in ITS greatly contributes to the detection of cars stolen, blacklisted, wanted and mismatched license plates with its stored data base instantly and, in addition, to the traffic law enforcement through detecting the Car RFID Tag and attached with the Car license Plate Number captured and stamped with the RADAR Speed detected. And all of that is through the using of special ANNPR cameras, RFID Antennas and RADARs for each lane along the road.

Intelligent Transportation System

Elsewedy Electric T&D, is implementing Intelligent Transportation System with the Egyptian government for 7 Highways with a total 1187-Km smart highway information traffic system including all supplying and implementations required.

The beginning was from Shobra -- Banha free highway, where the establishment and operation of the ITS was completed, starting with monitoring and controlling the road to the smart Toll Plaza.

ITS, is a new transportation system which aims to resolve a variety of road traffic issues, such as traffic accidents and congestion, by linking people, roads, and vehicles in an information and communications network via cutting-edge technologies. It includes, for example, a road traffic information provision system in which road traffic information is collected via roadside sensors and then provided to drivers.

Our scope of service includes an Intelligent traffic & transportation system which will enable:
Traffic monitoring and incident detection
Public information and speed warnings
Variable speed limits
Over height vehicle detection

Electronic Toll Collection will further include:
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging, RFID reading, ANPR cameras
Vehicle tracking & detection
Traffic Incident Management System
Road weather data

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