Photovoltaics (PV), also called solar cells, are electronic devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity. The modern solar cell is likely an image most people would recognize – they are in the panels installed on houses and in calculators. They were invented in 1954 at Bell Telephone Laboratories in the United States. Today, PV is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies, and is ready to play a major role in the future global electricity generation mix.


Solar PV installations can be combined to provide electricity on a commercial scale, or arranged in smaller configurations for mini-grids or personal use. Using solar PV to power mini-grids is an excellent way to bring electricity access to people who do not live near power transmission lines, particularly in developing countries with excellent solar energy resources.

Solar technology is the fastest-growing renewable technology across the Middle East and Africa.

Driven by a growing demand for clean energy, solar offers limitless carbon-free electricity and thermal energy. The most commonly used system is photovoltaic (PV) solar, which is scalable and adaptable to different applications and situations.

Whether you are a utility company or commercial enterprise, our hallmark turnkey solutions will oversee your project from design to commissioning and maintenance.

  • Design
  • Procurement, including cost-efficient local procurement of DC & AC components
  • Installation: For remote sites we have developed a Track Installer to install, commission and start up PV-50MWac
  • Project Management: An integrated PV package including panel installation, DC cabling, inverter installation, connection and commissioning, AC cabling, transformer installation and connection to HT grid
  • Engineering & Operation: Civil works, electromechanical, firefighting, telecommunication, PV plant monitoring and operation, DC-side installation and connection to grid. 

One of the World’s biggest solar parks in Benban, Egypt

One of the World’s biggest solar parks in Benban, Egypt

Elsewedy Electric have joined forces with EDF (Electricité de France) to develop, finance, build and operate two solar PV power plants in Benban, Aswan Province.

With a colossal 130 (2x65) MWp, the estimated annual 290 GWh of electricity will power over 140,000 households while saving over 120,000 tons of CO2. Benban is a flagship project for the Egyptian government’s Renewable Energies Feed-in-Tariff program. 


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