Industrial Development

Building on our experience in manufacturing, the group ventured into the development of fully fledged integrated industrial cities as a complement to our business, yet, the demand forced us to focus on that business and started growing our portfolio of projects and diversify our services to cater to the investors and manufactures needs. With overall 10 projects operating in 6 different cities spread across Egypt and Africa, the Industrial Development Arm has definitely built a name for itself. ElSewedy Industrial Development provides investors and manufacturers outstanding infrastructure necessary for production, safe and secure working environment, and logistical services and amenities.

  • Construction allowed on 40% to 65% of total area
  • Allowing the possibility of building over a minimum 25% of the assigned area in the first phase
  • Maximum allowed height of 15 meters
  • Setback at least 4 meters from each side of fence
  • Surrounding landscape not less than 4% of the assigned area

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Allowed Construction


Meters Allowed Heights




Million m2 Industrial Parks


m2 Logistics Parks

In Egypt, we are the country’s leading industrial master developer with a total land bank of 25 million m2 Our current portfolio includes Al Oula, PI Parks and Industria – developments that rank alongside the best industrial parks around the globe. They host a variety of light industries such as food processing, engineering, textiles and building materials, with clients like L’Oreal, Jotun, KAPCI coatings and Egyptian Swiss. Our services include:

  • Master planning & consultancy
  • Construction management
  • Engineering and design guidelines
  • Natural gas networks
  • Assistance with licensing & regulatory procedures
  • Employee vocational training
  • Water tanks & treatment
  • Electricity
  • Sewage & irrigation
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Road networks
  • Landscaping

Community management services 

  • General maintenance
  • Security & fire fighting
  • Landscape & road maintenance
  • Janitorial & pest control
  • Investor support office (One-Stop Shop)
  • Business centers
  • Medical centers

Industria West, Egypt

Established in 2007, between SIAC Industrial Construction Company and ElSewedy Electric. Comprising food processing, engineering, textile, building materials and other clean industries and logistics. Our vision is to continue to grow in Egypt and the region, providing investors with state-of-the-art and fully integrated industrial parks equipped with infrastructure, utilities and services to promote maximum efficiency and profitability.

Area: 1 million square meters

Location: 10th of Ramadan City-Cairo/ Ismailia Road

Offerings: Industrial lands for sale; Logistics; Commercial & administrative areas.

Industrial Segmentation: Engineering industries & Food processing.


Industria East, Egypt

In 2009, we joined forces with El Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona to establish Pyramids Zona Franca Egypt. Together, we developed one of the largest industrial parks in the region-over 3 million square meters located in 10th of Ramadan, Industria East.

Area: 3 million square meters

Location: 10th of Ramadan City - Alrobeiki Road

Offerings: Industrial lands for sale; Logistics; Commercial & administrative areas.

Industrial Segmentation: Engineering industries & Building materials.

Clients: JOTUN - KAPCI

Al Oula, Egypt

The Al Oula site was first opened in 2009, as a joint venture between Elsewedy Industrial Developments and Al Oula Real Estate Holding Co. The site is spread over 1 million square meters of industrial land and focuses largely on supporting the manufacturing sector.

The development is designed to work harmoniously with clients to provide the perfect environment and high-quality infrastructure for businesses to thrive, whatever their industry. Al Oula places a priority not just on Egypt and the surrounding area, but also broader international markets, helping it to successfully attract wide-scale international investment.

Industria Sokhna

Spread over a magnificent 1.7 million square meters of land, Industria Sokhna is set to transform the entire Sokhna port area, making it a true world-class Egyptian trade hub. The Sokhna port area is a perfectly located base for development, being right in the beating heart of the Suez Canal Zone, one of the world’s most vibrant and high-volume trade areas.

Industria Asher

Capitalizing on the success in Industria East and West, El Sewedy Industrial Development expands further in 10th of Ramadan. Investing on 4 million sqm, and located 6 Km away from Industria East Al Robeky zone, the new project is built to create an integrated industrial community incorporating all related and needed facilities as well as community management to provide all needed services & security for the industries.

Industria Sadat

Stretched across an area of 1.4 Million Sqm, Industria Sadat joins the full potential of Sadat city, being a landmark for Industrial Zones in West Cairo. With a well-crafted project and providing our know how in creating industrial communities, Industria Sadat will provide full scheme of industrial plots ranging from Food Processing to Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Engineering.

Industria Alamein

Stretched over the magnificent North coast and serving a national strategy of decentralization, Industria Alamein will serve as a key export destination for foreign and local investments.

Following a strategy of opening doors and encouraging exports to Europe and the Northern West, Industria Alamein will be a one of a kind Industrial Resort within the New City of Alamein. 

Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA)

Based in 10th of Ramadan City, the Elsewedy Technical Academy provides pupils with world-class training and education, empowering Egypt’s future generations.

Sokhna 360

Sokhna 360 is holistic outlook on industrial integration by the red sea, introducing a progressive alchemy that combines work, living, education and leisure under one comprehensive roof to set a new benchmark in industrial excellence, thanks to a pioneering concept of a world class community living.

Expertly developed by El Sewedy Industrial Development and designed in collaboration with world – renowned master planners, Sokhna 360 opens investors eyes on fully livable destination that not only benefits from Sokhna’s year-round sun, but also its strategic location on major trade routes with Africa, Asia, Europe and MENA region. The elemental edge of the project lies in its balanced and innovative nature, surroundings investors with 360 necessities spanning residential units, Educational Hub, retail luxuries, dining options and world class entertainment while offering the perfect industrial environment guaranteeing to springboard success.


The Egyptian Industrial City (EIC) is the first and fully Integrated industrial hub in Africa.
A Destination for growth for Tanzania and Africa, with world-class facilities, efficient in planning, implementation, management, providing a quality working & living environment.

The project aims to attract investments of 400 million USD, using the given utilities capacity of 30-70 MW, and to attract the following sectors: Textiles, Automotive, Electronics, Food Processing, Agri-Processing and Pharmaceuticals.

Egyptian Industrial City is a key industrial destination with accessibility to key Tanzanian Business landmarks.
EIC is 37kms from Dar es Salam and 32kms away from Julius Nyerere International airport.

The Egyptian Industrial City (EIC) is sought to be a fully integrated industrial city with a full mix of industries (Automotive, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Textiles & Logistics) to cater to a full scope of industries for the Tanzanian Market.

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