Winding Wires

Our specialist winding wire factory produces 15,000 tons a year of high-performance wires. All wires are tested to IEC and European standards. Almost 70% of our production goes to customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East. Demand is especially high in the field of oil and dry transformers, switch gears, motors and compressors.



Tons of Winding Wires



Product Range

Paper Insulated Flat Wire (paper wrapped rectangular copper wires). Suitable for:

  • Oil filled transformers
  • Power & distribution transformers
  • Choke coils

Enamelled Round Copper Wires. Suitable for:

  • Transformer coils
  • Motor & generator coils
  • Compressor coils
  • Measuring devices coils
  • TV deflection yoke coils
  • Relays, solenoid coils & ballast 

Welding Wire (Bare Copper Wire). Suitable for:

  • All types of metal cans


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