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Over time, we expanded our operations and evolved into a global leader in integrated infrastructure solutions - driving growth through talent acquisition and the empowerment of businesses where we operate.


Today, with over 18,000 employees worldwide and more than USD 4.8 billion in market capitalization, we operate across five key business sectors: wires, cables and accessories; electrical products; engineering and construction; digital solutions; and infrastructure investments.

We have established 32 production facilities in over 19 different countries across Africa, Europe, and Asia including Egypt, Algeria, KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Qatar, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Tanzania.


Venturing the Atlantic to the United States and Canada is not only a testament to our global reach but also an opportunity to drive breakthroughs and foster innovation within the power sector. At ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC, we are deeply committed to our core energy business in the United States, actively seeking avenues to leverage to engage with electric utilities and renewable companies. The United States has warmly embraced us, as we have seamlessly integrated into existing relationships and prequalification procedures.


This harmonious collaboration has led to proven success in supplying residential and commercial needs, positioning us as a trusted partner within the industry. Encouraged by this positive response, we are driven to further develop technologies that pave the way for effective solutions in power transmission and distribution across North American electric authorities and utilities. As we navigate this promising landscape, ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC remains dedicated to fostering strong partnerships while contributing towards sustainable energy practices throughout the United States.


We are proud to have expanded our presence in North America by opening a regional office in Houston, Texas at the end of 2020. This strategic move allows us to better serve our customers and support the US plan to enhance infrastructure. Our goal is to contribute to the US plan by empowering generations and investing in local employment opportunities.


Sustainability is a core value at ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC, and we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint. We have implemented comprehensive plans and initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact across all aspects of our operations. To learn more about our sustainability efforts and carbon footprint reduction strategies, please visit our sustainability report as well as Carbon Footprint report for detailed information.


We take pride in supporting various segments within our business. In the utility sector, we provide innovative solutions that help improve the efficiency and reliability of power distribution systems. For commercial and industrial projects, we offer cutting-edge electrical products and services tailored for diverse applications. For the oil and gas industry, we deliver high-quality solutions that meet stringent safety standards while enhancing operational performance. Additionally, as part of our commitment towards renewable energy advancement, we actively contribute towards sustainable projects around the world.


ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC produces power transformers from five sites in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia (Indonesia and Pakistan), They range up to 750 MVA and voltage up to 500 kV.


We have power, oil distribution, cast resin drying, transformers, package units, compact substations, and mobile substations.

Our transformers, like all ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC products, offer competitive pricing and undergo rigorous quality control and testing. With a focus on meeting local demand, we utilize the latest manufacturing processes, including magnetic field analysis. This ensures that our transformers have optimal stability and efficiency in their core and winding designs.


Our transformer business adheres to IEEE standards and specializes in manufacturing the following products:

  • Oil Distribution Transformers (including Pad Mounted and Unit Substation) up to 36 KV, 15 MVA
  • Dry Type Transformers (Cast Resin) up to 36 KV, 15 MVA
  • Power transformers up to 500 KV, 750 MVA
  • Shunt reactors up to 275 KV, 100 MVA
  • Mobile Substations up to 275 KV, 100 MVA


We ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.


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