Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for All

September 2022

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Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education for All

At Elsewedy Electric T&D we do believe that everyone has unique technical capabilities and competencies which could be excelled through continuous development, and one of the main reasons behind the company’s success is its well-qualified calibers. Hence, came the need for the launch of the EET&D Tamkeen Learning Program for the second round after the remarkable success in 2021.

This program is based on the UN SDG’s, Goal 4, which ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. The program is characterized by the diversity of theoretical and practical learning for various advanced engineering disciplines within Elsewedy Electric T&D Company; practical learning within the sites to transfer practical experience from the technical staff of the company to the trainees; and practical application on an executive project through the trainees under the supervision of the engineering cadres of the company.

The program was designed for 3 categories, the first category was Egyptian university students from Engineering, Business Administration, and Commerce from the fourth year. The second category included foreign students from various African countries such as Zambia and Mauritania for classroom and online sessions, while the third category included 10 heroes with disabilities (Deaf and hearing impaired) who all had the opportunity to visit the company’s project locations wherever they were.

Based on the utmost importance of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) 2022 that will be taking place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and in line with the global trend, the first project for Tamkeen’s students in 2021 was the construction of solar energy panels to provide electricity and produce clean energy.

Since Tamkeen Learning program aims to empower the learners until they start their professional life, Elsewedy Electric T&D sponsored 80 students in their education path till they graduated in July 2022 and hired the most outstanding students. Furthermore, Tamkeen hired 10 heroes from disabilities (Deaf and hearing Impaired) who excelled in the electrical and PV installation as blue collars.

In its second round, the program provides the latest types of training methodologies (Gamified Learning Programs), which work to motivate learners away from the traditional way of learning.