Iskraemeco's eMobility solutions to competently reduce energy demand and Co2 emissions worldwide

June 2023

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Iskraemeco's eMobility solutions to competently reduce energy demand and Co2 emissions worldwide

Iskraemeco, a subsidiary of ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC, is said to be launching a new business unit dedicated to exploring the eMobility ecosystem and delivering comprehensive solutions for all eMobility applications. Whilst the concept of eMobility is often associated with electric vehicles and recharge stations, the reality is much more complex than initially thought.


In addition to legislation, incentives to purchase electric vehicles and charging equipment are now available in several European countries. This is encouraging faster adoption of environmentally friendly cars, as electric vehicles will become increasingly prevalent in the second-hand car market. Such a trend is expected to continue and accelerate, with a significant share of new car sales expected to be composed of electric vehicles by 2031.


However, the ability of electricity networks to handle the expanding demand for power could be impacted by the shift from internal combustion engines (i.e., fuel-powered automobiles) to electrically driven vehicles. Iskraemeco made the decision to step in and offer eMobility solutions and services with real value as a result. To fit the pieces of the eMobility puzzle together and provide this real value, Iskraemeco recently acquired GL Charge, a Slovenian startup company specializing in eMobility solutions and services. Iskraemeco is able to answer both the needs of consumers and the difficulties that energy providers will soon encounter by partnering with GL Charge.


Aligning with Iskraemeco’s vision for environmental sustainability, it further promotes the adoption of green transportation. The company is also committed to providing innovative solutions that will support the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to plug-in electric vehicles and hybrids (PHEV) from 2030 onwards. Iskraemeco is confident that this initiative will create an efficient and streamlined eMobility ecosystem that will benefit all stakeholders involved.


The eMobility portfolio comprises electric charging stations configured to be used in both public and private communities. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card is used to enable the charging process, and the energy consumed is assigned and invoiced through the management systems of the community such as the Human Resources (HR) system and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


Moreover, Iskraemeco’s smart metering expertise facilitates dynamic load control between the charging station and the smart meter through the X1 port, preventing the home energy network overloading. This is the first step of integration with energy providers.


Iskraemeco and GL Charge entered the market to improve eMobility’s use and adaptability while also keeping the infrastructure and electrical grid in the best possible condition. Matevž Grabar, CEO of GL Charge believes in significantly expanding their presence onto the global stage in terms of eMobility and contributes to the development of eMobility markets and grid stability for years to come.