Industrial Development

Building on our experience in manufacturing, the group ventured into the development of fully-fledged integrated industrial cities as a complement to our business, yet the demand forced us to focus on that business and start growing our portfolio of projects and diversifying our services to cater to the needs of investors and manufacturers.


With 10 overall projects operating in six different cities spread across Egypt and Africa, the Industrial Development Arm has built a name for itself.


ElSewedy Industrial Development provides investors and manufacturers with the outstanding infrastructure necessary for production, a safe and secure working environment, and logistical services and amenities.


  • Construction allowed on 40% to 65% of the total area
  • Allowing the possibility of building over a minimum of 25% of the assigned area in the first phase
  • The maximum allowed height is 15 meters
  • Setback at least 4 meters from each side of the fence
  • Surrounding landscape: not less than 4% of the assigned area

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