Energy Management

Through our subsidiary, Iskraemeco, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart meters.


Our portfolio of residential and commercial ICG energy measuring devices provides real-time data that enables utility companies to manage energy use, anticipate demand, and optimize costs while helping consumers act more sustainably and significantly lower their energy bills.


With our smart meters and grids, you can predict all your future needs for efficient energy management. You will have access to the latest digitalized solutions based on IoT, data lakes, and smart cities. You will be able to future-proof your business with the ultimate balance between performance, efficiency, and reliability.


  • 100 million meters installed
  • Smart grid applications
  • Interoperability
  • Complete supply chain transparency
  • Factories in Slovenia, Egypt, and Malaysia
  • 50% improvement in carbon footprint over last 5 years


The Isk MiniLab, with its 6GHz OTA and a system that enables OTA measurement execution with rapid pace and high measurement accuracy, has given Elsewedy Electric a remarkable footprint in the world of evolving technology, as it remains the only test system of such specifications in South-Eastern Europe.


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