South America

Crossing over the Atlantic to the United States and Canada is not just for shining global reach but also for accomplishing breakthroughs with technology and innovation, enabling a valuable game changer in the wire and cable industry and perhaps the overall electric power sector. Elsewedy in the United States placed increased emphasis on its core energy cables business and is looking for opportunities to utilize our EPC expertise to engage with electric utilities and renewable companies. The United States has been a very welcoming market for us, getting in harmony with relationships and prequalification procedures, led to prove success in energy cable supply serving residential and commercial needs, encouraging further developments and technology to design effective solutions in power transmission and distribution all over North American electric authorities and utilities.



We are also present in most of Latin America to reach more communities and answer different customers’ needs. The countries of Latin America are in an exciting stage of infrastructure development. Following the Egypt-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement, we have successfully exported our medium- and high-voltage cables to Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. We work with the biggest energy companies in the region and can help you with any project, large or small.