Motion Appliances

Elsewedy Electric continues to expand its distinguishable portfolio through its latest agreement for motion products, including high-efficiency electrical motors, with Wolong Electric®, the world’s renowned motor manufacturer.

The motors portfolio offered includes EC motors and permanent magnet motors, in addition to a full range of induction motors for LV-IEC/NEMA single-phase motors up to 690V and MV motors up to 15 KV that serve various segments (power, water, industry, transport, etc.).


Our current focus is directed towards localizing the motor industry in Egypt in the near future and expanding to other markets.


We are also launching Elsewedy Electric Motors Service Center, a world-class repair workshop for motors and generators that is one of the biggest in the region, offering an outstanding full-service package.


The service center features a huge capacity and various capabilities, all at a one-stop shop, in order to provide our customers with an exceptional after-sales service experience.


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