Fiber Glass Poles

Our fiberglass poles are light in weight, easy to install and maintenance-free. As non-conductors of electricity they also offer a higher degree of safety. From our factories in Egypt, we can produce fiberglass poles up to 14 meters long, in different arm types and colors, with a choice of direct burial or anchor base. Please download our Fiberglass Poles catalogue for full specifications. 


One of our specialties is solar powered street lighting. PV-solar lights have virtually zero running costs and maintenance. They can be erected in almost any location, are unaffected by power outages or surges and will not need replacing for many years. We can provide steel or fiberglass lighting poles in a wide choice of design and length. They also be retrofitted or integrated into existing structures. See our Solar catalogue for more details.


  • Street lighting
  • Decorative & garden lighting 
  • Wide areas
  • Traffic signs
  • Signal carrying 
  • Flagpoles
  • Overhead transmission (up to 11 kV)