ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has a significant presence in Europe, supplying a wide range of products and services that meet the continent's high standards. 


We export wires, cables, transformers, and more to Germany, Italy, Netherlands, the UK, and Spain, alongside 105 other countries worldwide. Our smart meters factory in Slovenia is a global leader, and we partner with European giants like Siemens and Gamesa for infrastructure projects.


Beyond supplying these elements, EE is actively building Europe's renewable energy revolution. We understand the critical role of reliable infrastructure and are a trusted partner for countless wind and solar projects across the continent. Over the past three years, we've delivered low, medium, high & solar cables & transformers for projects in the UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Italy.



EE’S reach extends far beyond large-scale projects. Our extensive network of distributors in the UK, Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, and Germany ensures our cables reach every corner of Europe, actively leading the charge in the continent's clean energy transition. Our products are the invisible backbone of a brighter future, carrying the power of the sun and wind everywhere.