We believe that meeting our customers’ energy needs can go hand in hand with meeting the needs of our communities and our planet.

As befits a company with an eighty-year history, Elsewedy Electric is committed to the long-term. We look at the impact of everything we do and make sure that all benefits are shared and any negative effects minimized.


All subsidiaries across the group implement our policy of improving efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. Every one of our 18,000 employees adopts an attitude of thrift and respect towards the planet and its resources.


We are passionate advocates for renewable energy. Our Renewable Energy division provides wind and solar energy solutions across sub-Saharan Africa, the MENA region, and Eastern Europe.


Our business model of integration means that we provide holistic, long-term solutions rather than piecemeal, short-term ones. We ensure that our governance is transparent and ethical. We strive to improve the lives of all those we can, whether they are employees, young people, or local communities.

Every day we ask ourselves:

could we do this better?


Empowering people to do more while using less

The Beni Suef combined-cycle power plant (4800 MW) marked the beginning of a new era of power generation, providing low-cost electricity to over 15 million people in Upper Egypt.

The waste heat from the gas turbines is used to produce steam to drive the steam turbine, increasing output and efficiency. During the construction we partnered with the local municipality to build four roads connecting villages to the main road. Upon completion, we planted 120 trees and removed all garbage, industrial waste and oxygen-depleting plants along the Nile River nearby, leaving the local environment in a better state than we found it.