Corporate Governance

How We Do Things

A sound corporate governance framework had been part and parcel of El Sewedy Electric’s strategy for growth. It has been driven by the scale, scope, and complexity of the company's business as well as shareholders’ vision to establish a professional, transparent, and ethical organization.

Importantly, our corporate governance structure has laid the groundwork for a clear separation between management and shareholders, diminished conflict of interest throughout our operations, provided pillars for seamless operations across our footprint, and guaranteed we have a sound management structure in place.

It clearly defines the relationship and responsibilities of our operating companies, their boards, and their executive management on important matters to facilitate rapid and effective decision making. Highly efficient systems of internal control have also resulted in greater accountability and improved profit margins for our company.

Through its highly competent Board of Directors, Elsewedy Electric strives to create a management structure that carefully monitors developments around the world. Each executive committee member is responsible for a business, region, function, or industry segment, placing the highest level of management in touch with core activities.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors comprises highly qualified individuals with diversified backgrounds and years of experience. Each executive committee member is responsible for a business, region, function and/or industry segment. Not only do the board and its committees carefully monitor progress of all business lines, companies and services around the world, but they ensure that our vision, mission and values guide our activities and promote a professional, transparent, and ethical organization.

Sadek Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy

Non-Executive Chairman

Ahmed Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy

Managing Director

Mohamed Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy

Board Member

Amr Mohamed Ahmed Labib

Board Member

Abdul Rahman Ahmed Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy

Board Member

Ahmed Sadek Ahmed Elsewedy

Board Member

Ahmed Saad El Din Abdo Abu Hendia

Board Member

Shahinaz Nabil Amin Fouda

Non-Executive Board Member

Sherif Samy Ebada Youssef

Non-Executive Board Member

Azza Ahmed Sadek Elsewedy

Non-Executive Board Member