The busway system is the best method of transmission and distribution of electrical energy, providing a smart, simplified, and safe solution.


Projected to be one of the largest factories in the MEA region, our factory, located on the 10th of Ramadan in Cairo, Egypt, is built on 36,271 square meters.


Providing a production range of sandwiched non-ventilated busways from 800 A to 6300 A copper conductor (Power Link Busway) and 800 A to 5000 A aluminum bimetal conductor (Spine Busway).


  • Pre-sales customer service: Site take off, technical review, design check & customer data analysis, etc.
  • Full design package (Busway software).
  • Emergency production teams.
  • Fast response & delivery time.
  • 24/7 after sales Hotline (services van).
  • After-sales customer service: Site supervision, installation, testing & commissioning.

Plants / Factories

Commercial & residential structure

High rise building

Airports and high security installation

Data centers


Oil & Gas

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