As ECMEI, we pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of ceramic insulators in the Middle East. Operating under a license from Lucideon (formerly Ceram Ltd), we specialize in the manufacture of high-tension insulators up to 210 KN/765 kV. Our comprehensive product range includes disc and pin insulators, as well as LV insulators. 

In line with our commitment to innovation and meeting our clients’ requirements, ECMEI has launched two new production lines under the brand “Elsewedy Polymer Insulators.” These lines are specialized in manufacturing various types of polymer insulators, including long rod, bracket insulator, composite pin, and composite post insulators. Additionally, under the Elsewedy Fitting brand, we manufacture hardware fittings to complement our insulator products. 

Our range of services extends beyond manufacturing. We offer dry cleaning and maintenance, erection and rehabilitation of insulators, RTV supply and coating, as well as the supply of raw materials such as sand for dry transformers. To further cater to our clients' needs, we have introduced new product lines for surge arresters and air-disconnector switches. 

Product Range
  • Cap & Pin Insulators for medium and high voltage, including anti-fog # 11, 22, 66, and 500 kV, with electro-mechanical strength up to 210 kV
  • Low Voltage Insulators (1.1 kV)
  • Pin Insulators for 15, 25, and 36 kV Applications
  • Line Post Insulators
  • Composite long rod insulator 
  • Composite pin insulator 
  • Composite station post insulator 
  • Composite bracket stand-off insulator
  • Overhead transmission hardware fittings. 

RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone is a highly effective way to avoid leakage currents, discharges and pollution flashovers. It coats the insulator with a hydrophobic surface to combat the effects of contamination in highly polluted areas and enhances the electrical characteristics and low leakage currents. RTV is available in a hardness range from Very Soft to Medium (15 Shore A > 40 Shore). 

ABC Accessories

  • Air Disconnector Switch (Porcelain Coated RTV)
  • Air Disconnector Switch (Polymer)
  • Composite Surge Arrester

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