Monument Restoration

 Restoration of historic buildings requires great sensitivity and attention to detail, both with materials and equipment.

Through our subsidiary Rowad Modern Engineering (Rowad), we handle the stabilization, excavation, and cleaning of historic sites, as well as the restoration of stone, wooden, marble, and metal structures.


In cooperation with governmental bodies and international consultants, we have already restored 15 ancient sites in Egypt.

We start every project with in-depth architectural and historical research to ensure the accuracy and faithfulness of our work. 



El Einy School & Mosque

Located behind El-Azhar Mosque in the historic heart of Cairo these buildings for the students of the Al-Azhar religious foundation date back to 1411. Our priority was to protect the foundations and prevent the buildings’ collapse by using a special mortar compatible with the original materials. We then restored the buildings to their original condition, repairing all the timbers (including decorated woodwork), metalwork, marble and stonework and replacing all damaged stones.

Mohamed Ali Palace

An ongoing project which will involve restoration of the entire fabric of the building.

El Set Waseela House

Located in the El-Azhar district of Cairo, El Set Waseela House was built in 1664 by Waseela Khatun. An architectural marvel, it is divided into a reception area and internal rooms. We restored the building to its original condition, including stonework, red brickwork, decorated timber and beautiful decorated ceiling.

Ahmed Ibn Shaaban Mosque

Located in the El-Batneya area of Old Cairo, this beautiful mosque was established by Judge Hafız Ahmed Pasha who ruled Egypt from 1590-94. We restored every part of the building: stonework, woodwork, metal windows, marble and granite columns and decorated ceiling.

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