Ports and logistics Development

Elsewedy Electric has played a significant role in developing the Ports & Logistics sector in Egypt, recognizing its importance in supporting local economies and employment opportunities while facilitating all types of businesses. The Ports & Logistics industry plays a critical role in African trade, and to enhance service efficiency and provide logistic service supply chain, as a result, Elsewedy Ports & Logistics company was established. It offers an infrastructure model that supports businesses in Egypt and Africa, providing them with access to markets without having to fund, develop or operate their own infrastructure.

Our services are diverse and comprehensive.

  1. Warehousing and Distribution
  2. Logistics Solutions
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Logistics Models
  5. Intermodal Solutions
  6. Operating dry ports
  7. Integrating transport and logistics.

Our aim is to partner with leading providers in the market to plan, facilitate, and manage prime properties. These new facilities are financed through a portfolio of investment vehicles and will set new benchmarks for logistics excellence, incubating and spawning other developments in the area.


We are also proud of Elsewedy Logistics Providers Company (SLP) as a logistics solution company. Our logistics knowledge and vast network of public and private professionals act as catalysts to empower distributors, freight forwarders, retailers, and manufacturers. Our targeted areas with huge logistics potential include East Cairo, El Sokhna, and the Suez Canal Zone in Egypt, and we plan to expand to Africa as well.


October Dry Port

Located in the industrial and logistical zone of the new 6th of October City, the expansive 100-acre port is just 25 kilometers west of the existing industrial zone on the Bahariya Oasis Road, allowing easy access to the regional ring road. The port connects to the Egyptian national railway network (ENR), enabling quick and efficient transport to Egyptian seaports, particularly Alexandria port and its two sectors, Alexandria and Dekheila. The October Dry Port is an excellent way to limit pressure on roads while providing a reliable and efficient way for transport.

The October Dry Port stands as a breakthrough in the digital transformation of the country’s logistics and trade processes, boasting a 420,000 sqm area with a capacity of 720 thousand TEU, divided into storage areas for imports, exports, and customs inspections and buildings to house the relevant authorities.

The port is also equipped with specialized labs associated with the General Organization for Export and Import Control and the Food Safety Authority. With a reefer container yard holding 132 reefer plugs, a dedicated area for out of gauge containers, and five railway tracks for loading and unloading trains, the October Dry Port project is part of the Egyptian state’s strategy to implement a number of dry ports with the purpose of expediting transportation and trade. It is in line with the plans of the Minister of Transport to launch new logistical areas and dry ports while ensuring that goods are not accumulating in the seaports, which would lead to an increase in berth productivity, reducing vessels' waiting time and having a positive impact on the cost of the products and resulting in a competitive advantage in international markets.

Visit October Dry Port's Website: https://www.odpeg.com/


A 14,000 SQM warehouse located in PI Parks’ Industria East. SLP ONE sets new standards for our facilities, standards that we look to maintain in all our future ventures, whether we own the facilities or only join in developmental and managerial capacities. As an industry leader and pioneer in the development and management of industrial parks, our full spectrum of services is not complete without providing our clients with warehousing, handling, and logistics services to maintain convenient and smooth operations. Our 3PL logistics services provided through trusted third-party contractors include warehousing, custom clearance, as well as consultation or even construction of the required warehouses.