Power Distribution

We produce a wide range of power transformers with power ratings up to 750 MVA and voltages up to 500 kV.


They can be used for transmission substations and generation step-up units and are ideal for heavy industries like:

  • Oil and gas refining
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Rolling mills
  • Mining
  • Desalination
  • Pumping stations


Distribution Network




Electrical works for Al Niaba Al Ama, Egypt

Client: National Company for General Contracting & Supplies 

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical works including: 

  • Kiosks
  • LV distribution boards
  • Lighting equipment
  • Cables
  • Communication networks
  • CCTV
  • Earthing systems

Supply of distribution materials, Ethiopia

Client: Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation-EEPCo

Supply of:

  • Distribution transformers 33kV and 15kV three phase network.
  • Medium and low voltage 33kV and 15kV switch gear
  • AAAC conductor & ABC cables
  • Overhead line accessories
  • Insulators 33kV and 15kV
  • Hardwares

Supply and installation of material for transmission line from Nyankora-Nasho, Rwanda

Client: Electrogaz

Supply & installation on turkey basis of: 

  • 33kV medium voltage OHTL with a total length of 40kms
  • 11kV low voltage OHTL with a total length of 8kms
  • 6 x 200KVA transformers
  • 40 kms OPGW connection

MV & LV Network

Client: National Company for Electricity

Location: Sudan (2005-2008)

  • MV & LV Networks for North Governorate
  • MV & LV Networks for River Nile Governorate
  • MV & LV Networks (Khartoum Bhri-Omdurman)
  • Low Voltage Network extension for Northern State
  • Low Voltage Network extension for River Nile Governorate

Total Projects’ Quantities:

  • 52,823 Concrete poles of 11 ft. height & 136,661 concrete poles of 9 ft. height
  • 2,890 Transformers (100 & 200kVA) & 76 Transformers of 1000kVA
  • 16,000km of Aluminum wire of size 1*185, 1*95 and 1*70 mm2
  • 2,606 kms wires Aluminum Cable 1*120, 1*95
  • 19km of MV underground cables 3*70 & 173km Underground cables of size 3*185mm2
  • 3,500kms of wire ABC Cables 4*70mm2
  • 5x 33/11kV Substation

Network Expansion and Service Connections in Matola Region, Maputo Province Project

Client: EDM

Location: Mozambique

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis the following:

  • 33kV OHTL with total length 33km
  • 415 V ABC low voltage network with total length 48km
  • 36 distribution transformers
  • 1350 street lighting
  • 14260 service connections

Project for Electrification EVINA-YONG city P-28-2010 Project

Client: Ministry of Mining

Location: Equatorial Guinea


Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis the following:


  • Supply and Install 1020 Street lighting steel poles 8m
  • Supply and Install 14 Kiosks 400 & 630kVA
  • Supply and Install 12km Medium voltage cable 3*150mm2
  • Supply and Install 151 Low Voltage Panels.
  • Supply and Install 120km Underground Low Voltage cables
  • Supply and Install 2200 three- and single-phase prepaid Meters
  • Supply and install two Generators 1000kVA with all required civil works and spare parts

ECG/ELSW/01/08 P-24-08

Client: ECG

Location: Ghana

Design, supply, installation, testing and commission on turnkey basis the following:

  • Construction of 50km,2x40 MVA,33kV Overhead lines
  • Darkuman33/11kV Indoor Substation
  • Gbawe Adjaman33/11kV Outdoor Substation

Upgrading of Distribution Management System and Introducing of Advanced Meter

Client: EETC

Location: Egypt

Partnership Between Elsewedy Electric T&D and Toyota Tsusho

  • Rehabilitation of existing Distribution management system (DMS) in NCEDC
  • Introducing Advanced mete infrastructure in NCEDC
  • Upgrading communication systems