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Since 2006, Elsewedy Electric Steel Applications has provided a wide range of reinforcement solutions to the Egyptian market. Our product line complies with international standards and offers galvanized steel wires, pre-stressed concrete strands and pre-stressed concrete wires and bead wire. Currently, we trade and export to more than 26 nations worldwide. 

Elsewedy Electric Steel Applications follows explicit quality control procedures of inspection, starting from raw material to manufacturing and packaging processes, through a series of high technology on-line instruments, followed by laboratory tests, such as geometrical, zinc and electrical tests, and abiding to the international standards. With a 90,000 m2 production facility and fully automated control systems utilizing cutting edge technology, we offer our customers the most effective and efficient solutions.

Benefits of Prestressed Concrete Strands

  • Larger slab spans = fewer columns
  • Savings in materials
  • Fast installation
  • Significant reduction in building weight
  • Reduction in cracks
  • Fewer intermediate supports = reduced impact on the environment as well as on water or road traffic below

We manufacture a wide range of steel wires from 0.8 to 5.00 mm, as per BS EN 10244-2/2001, 10257-1/98 or to fit your specific requirements. 

Product Range


Armoring cables, barbed wires, mesh wires, and all commercial applications.

Wire Diameter Range ​

0.80 to 5.00 mm.

Applicable Standards​

BS EN 10244-2 , 10257-1 , BS 5467 , ASTM A641 or as per customer requirements.


Air coil (Seaworthy packing for export) or as per customer requirements.


Steel core for A.C.S.R in "Overhead Power Transmission”, stay wires, earth wires, damper wires “Vibration Damper” and all commercial applications. 

Wires Diameter Range 

1.30 to 5.00 mm.

Strand Composition

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 7 and 19 wire constructions are applicable.

Surface Quality 

Hot-dipped galvanized and greased.

Applicable Standards 

IEC 63248, IEC 60888, and IEC 61089 / BS EN 50189 and BS EN 50182 / ASTM B 498 and ASTM B 232 / ASTM A 641 / DIN 48200 and DIN 48204 or as per customer requirements.


Wooden drums, Z2 coils, air coils, or as per customer requirements. 


Mattresses, springs, and all commercial applications.

Wires Diameter Range

1.30 to 5.00 mm.

Applicable Standards

As per customer requirements.



Air coils or as per customer requirements

Product Overview

  • It is a 7-wire steel strand produced from hot-rolled, high-carbon steel wire rods, which, after cleaning and descaling, is drawn into wire, fabricated into a multi-wire strand, and thermally stress-relieved.

  • Used to "pre-stress" concrete structural members to improve their ability to withstand loads.

  • Can be dry or oiled as per the customer's requirements.

Product Applications

Commercial buildings, bridges and tunnels, tanks and silos,

parking buildings.

Advantages of Pre-stressed Slabs

  • Larger slab spans allow fewer columns.

  • Savings in materials (concrete and steel) and shorter lead times due to fast installation.

  • Significant reduction in building weight versus a conventional concrete building.

  • Reducing the occurrence of cracks

  • Allowing extremely long-span bridges to be constructed without the use of temporary intermediate supports. This minimizes the impact on the environment and avoids


disruption to water or road traffic below


  • Pre-stressed concrete wire (PC wire) is a high-grade, low-relaxation steel wire that is primarily used to counter the low-tension qualities inherent in concrete. ​
  • The process involves the continuous heating and stretching of a cold-drawn high-carbon steel wire to produce a finished product with much improved yield stress and greatly reduced load relaxation. ​




  • Railway track sleepers
  • Concrete pipes
  • Concrete floor beams
  • Precast hollow-core floor slabs

We proudly introduce the Bead Wire the major component of tire reinforcement, making Elsewedy Electric the first manufacturer in Africa & Middle East to produce this product. Bead Wire is steel wire made of high-carbon steel whose surface is plated with red copper or bronze. Its high strength, enhanced flexibility, supreme fatigue property, and excellent linearity, is the reason it can be adhered to the rubber easily, and is mainly used in the tire bead as the framework material for reinforcement. It is widely applied in car tires, light truck tires, cargo truck tires, heavy equipment tires, and plane tires.



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