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Elsewedy Electric has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


Our solutions include:

  • Water treatment plants: We design, build, and operate water treatment plants that produce safe water for communities and businesses.
  • Wastewater treatment plants: We design, build, and operate wastewater treatment plants that safely and efficiently treat wastewater, protecting the environment and public health.
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure: We design, build, and operate water and wastewater infrastructure, such as pipelines, pumping stations, and treatment plants.
  • Our solutions are based on the latest technologies and best practices
  • We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service.
  • We are also committed to sustainability, and we work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations


Water Treatment New Capital

  • Scope of work: Design, Engineering, Supply, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance for water treatment compact unit for New Capital Power Station Project

Al Hamam Pumping Station (4)

The Project is one of twelve pumping stations serving the world’s largest agricultural wastewater treatment plant to reclaim 362 acres south of the Dabaa Axis. The pumping station Capacity is 6.5 Million m3/day.

Elsewedy Environmental Solutions is to complete the project in the duration of 9 months, executing a scope of works that includes civil works, electromechanical installation and the supply of electromechanical equipment excluding pumps, motors & valves.

Nuweibaa SWRO Plant 15,000 m3/day Inauguration

“Nuweibaa SWRO Plant” is now ready to operate at full capacity.

The project was built to increase Egypt’s potable water resources and provide 15,000 m3/day to the People of Nuweibaa City, Sinai.

Elsewedy Electric PSP, scope of work included engineering, supply, construction, installation, commissioning, startup, and testing on a turn-key basis for civil, marine, electrical and mechanical works of glass line tanks, intake screen, piping multimedia filters and calcite contactor, as well as the operation and maintenance of the plant for one year & supervision of the plant during the second year.

The plant will produce clean drinking water, with the specified measures and standards, to serve 50,000 citizens.

Providing Clean Water for Beni Suef 4800 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Beni Suef, Egypt

Date:   2015

Client:  EEHC

In Consortium with Siemens AG

In charge of the treatment of the river water used for the world’s largest combined-cycle power plant ever built on fast track basis, installing a lamella clarifier and reverse osmosis/ion, exchange demineralization and filtration system, in addition to handling the sewage and wastewater treatment.

Rehabilitation & Upgrade of Arab El-Madabegh WWT Plant

Client: Assiut and New Valley Water and Wastewater Company

‘Rehabilitation & Upgrade of Arab El-Madabegh WWT Plant from 70,000 m3/day to 105,000 m3/day’ located in Assiut, Egypt.  

A tertiary treatment​ project, constructed for ‘Assiut and New Valley Water and Wastewater Company, and is structured to have ‘Alex Shipyard by MIASO’ as the main contractor, ‘Veolia Water Technology – VWT’ as the process subcontractor and Elsewedy Environmental Solutions as the subcontractor responsible for the design, supply of non-Process equipment, erection of the overall plant, in addition to all civil works.

Desalination and Purification for AL LAYYAH1026 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Sharjah, UAE

Date:   2018

Client: Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority

Consortium with MHPS

We have been awarded the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Layyah co-generation plant.

The plant is located on the Arabian Gulf shore, within the existing Layyah Power Plant, next to Khaled Seaport, in the State of Sharjah, UAE.

The power plant is configured as a 2x2x1 gas turbine based combined cycle, using two M701F model MHPS gas turbine units, two horizontal fired triple pressure level reheat type heat recovery steam generators “HRSG’s” and one tandem compound condensed type steam turbine.

Low pressure steam will be condensed in a once through condenser using the arabian gulf water as heat sink. 690 ton\hr of steam will be extracted from the steam cycle to feed the existing Layyah thermal desalination units, which is used to supply Sharjah state with their need of potable water.

As part of our joint EPC scope of works, we are responsible for all plant supporting and auxiliary systems such as; water demineralization units for plant internal use, the installation of the electro chlorination, oily wastewater treatment, chemical neutralizing, fin fan cooler, intake pump house, outfall piping, as well as the water treatment.

Elsewedy Infrastructure has been awarded EPC projects in Sinai

Elsewedy Electric Infrastructure signed an EGP 550 M contract for supplying steel water pipes for a project in Sinai, by which the company fulfills the Egyptian dream of renovating a once-neglected peninsula to become a major residential, agricultural, manufacturing, and commercial hub.

As a reliable supplier to the Egyptian government and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, Elsewedy Electric Infrastructure will supply and fabricate steel water pipes for transferring irrigation water to 400,000 feddan reclamation and cultivation project in North and Middle Sinai.

Elsewedy Electric Infrastructure’s scope of work is the supply, fabrication, painting, and transportation of 2,200mm steel pipes with a total weight of 23,000 tones.

Mostakbal Misr Pumping Stations (3) & (4)

Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation –Water Department, Ministry of Defense has awarded Elsewedy Environmental Solutions the contract of Mostakbal Misr Pumping Stations (3) & (4) in, each with the capacity of 8 Million m3/day.

Mostakbal Misr is a project for the reclamation of agricultural land extending over an area of 500,000 acres. The project is located along the El Dabaa Axis in the north, near the Sphinx, Borg El Arab Airport, and the ports of Alexandria and Dhekelia

Al Amriya Wastewater Treatment Plant – Phase III

Client: “Construction Authority for Potable Water and Wastewater – CAPW”

Description: A conventional wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 100,000 m3/day located in Alexandria, Egypt.

The scope of work: Includes the electromechanical supply, and electrical installation.

The project is being executed for the “Construction Authority for Potable Water and Wastewater – CAPW” and is in collaboration with BAMAG LLC. 

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