ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC Introduces Cutting-Edge Oil Distribution Transformers to the Egyptian Market

February 2024

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ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC Introduces Cutting-Edge Oil Distribution Transformers to the Egyptian Market

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC is thrilled to announce the official availability of its cutting-edge Oil Distribution Transformers, catering to the diverse energy requirements of the Egyptian Market. Boasting power ratings of up to 15 MVA and voltages reaching 36 kV, these top-notch transformers are set to revolutionize power distribution throughout the region. 

ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC’s Oil Distribution Transformers’ range encompasses a comprehensive selection, featuring hermetically sealed and conservator transformers, grid-mounted, pole-mounted, smart, eco, and special transformers. This diversity ensures that the company can cater to a wide spectrum of applications and requirements, offering tailored solutions for various energy distribution scenarios. The product range includes: 

  • Small Distribution Transformers (50 KVA up to 250 KVA, 36 kV): Suitable for grid, pole-mounted, pad-mounted, and auxiliary transformer installations. 
  • Large Distribution Transformers (250 KVA up to 5,000 KVA, 36 kV): Designed for distribution grid applications, as well as auxiliary transformers, pad-mounted units, substation installations, and package substations. 
  • Medium Power Transformers (5,000 KVA up to 15,000 KVA, 36 kV): Ideal for distribution grid, generation, and auxiliary transformer needs, providing robust solutions for diverse power requirements. 
  • Wide Range of Special Transformers (up to 15,000 KVA, 36 kV): Tailored for specialized applications, including solar and wind energy, variable speed drives, converters, arc furnaces, traction systems, ZigZag earthing, and earthing auxiliary purposes. 

With this latest offering, ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC reinforces its commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability, aiming to empower the Egyptian market with state-of-the-art solutions that not only meet current energy demands but also pave the way for future advancements.